Hiking and Camping with Children

When you want to have a good time with the entire family, you must look at hiking and camping out along with your young children.  This could be a great experience for the entire household.

You may possibly be an skilled camper and if that's the case you have much to show the younger generation.  But the principal thrill for you will probably be experiencing the wonderment and the delight of discovery which the youngsters can experience.  Just observing them can give you new interest in nature, and in the familiar logistics of backpacking and camping.  Everything that you already know is completely new to the youngster on the trail.

We went hiking on Pacific Coast Trail to the East of LA with our young children and they all enjoyed the backpacking, until finally they were worn out.  What you have to recognise is that youngsters don't have the energy for a lengthy hike.  So your only solution is to take it slowly and at a speed that everybody are able to enjoy.The best part of the hike was watching the children romp and run and enjoy the trail. Back at the camping site the kids were taught exactly how to start a camp fire and how to roast hotdogs and marshmllows, and at bedtime they were worn out and went immediately to sleep without any argument.

Younger children can not bear much weight in a backpack, but they still like to mimic their parents, so get them a light weight backpack for kids and permit them to carry some food and water for their individual use.  There are numerous children backpacks available and going shopping for backpacks for your kids can also be enjoyable, particularly if you permit them to make some of the selections.  They will get pleasure from picking the coloring or style which they like. My child picked a StarWars pack, and because he picked it out, he genuinely looked forward to going back packing and camping with his own back pack. If you are backpacking with an baby, you can purchase a Kelty Kids Backpack and transport your child on your back!

Whenever backpacking with young children it is a good idea to have shorter hikes with many rests and also activities that will be exciting and new to the children.  For example we hiked a few miles along a trout creek in Maine one year, and we stopped each time we came upon another pool that might harbour more trout.  We stopped hiking, but we began fishing, a different activity, thereby adding more interest to the hike and a goal for each length of the hike.  And also the children really like to scamble over and around the rocks and tree roots and pick their way through the brambles toward the next fishing hole.  And we actually caught some trout and took them back to camp for a meal that evening.  Fresh trout fried in olive oil along with scalions and garlic clove then dished up with french fries and fresh salad greens was a treat for the entire family.

Another backpacking adventure with the kids was in Florida on Honeymoon Island, a virtually deserted seashore and State Park in which we hiked a couple of miles all around the island, along the seashore on the West side and on a trail in the woods on the Eastern side of the island.  When hiking anyplace on a Gulf Coast Florida beach front you will likely find a lot of attractive sea shells, which kids really like.  And in the forested portion of the island we discovered the nests of a number of Osprey Eagles and even observed an Osprey carrying a still live fish in its talons, all the way back to the nest . It was an exciting hike not just for the kids, but for the whole family.