Tuna Fishing Methods

Tuna Fishing Methods

Find the Birds and you will find the Yellow Fin.

There are different kinds of tuna that are targeted along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico and the most sought after is the Yellow Fin within these deep offshore waters. Lots of charters are dedicated to catching these sports fish because not only are they great to eat, but they are strong, frequent the warmer waters and are hard to fight. Besides the adventure of crossing the ocean, once you get a tuna to bite, you’ll know it because it’s a fierce battle that is about to begin. The best time to fish is May to August; this is when the migratory bigger fish enter the waters closer to shore.

When on the hunt, use your radar. It’s one of the best tools to use. Use open array radar with the power at 10kw to 25kw. It’s going to be about a three hundred mile trip to any good tuna territory, so you’ll need a good boat and equipment to get you there. Have a boat with two boat motors, life raft and a satellite phone for emergencies. Other helpful items include binoculars and 50-80 pound tackle. A good method to use is to look for the birds, the birds are feeding on top water bait, so the tuna will be around.

Use temperature charts and gauges to find cool parts of water. You’ll find tuna on the edges and rips of the gulf streams that they follow. The Gulf Stream and the Bahamas are the best places to find them. Other good locations are the areas off the panhandle of Florida off the Mississippi River. It’s a hunt you won’t forget because once you hook one, just get ready because it’s just ZZZZ-zzzz-zzzz all the way, that line is just going to get pulled right out of your reel, really fast. Think catching a big fish is fun, try catching tuna. It’s like getting jerked when your skiing behind a boat.

Once you find a good location, start trolling with Cedar Plugs and Big Ballyhoo. Put the lines out as far as the eye can see; tuna will know what your up to and they scare easy, so be quite. If there’s other boats around, don’t crowd them, move north if you have to. You can also troll with live baits or fish with black fin or bonita chunks. If they are close to the surface, use a heavy spinning rod with a large popper with 3x treble hooks.

Methods Summary:
method to grill tuna
• Use artificial dark lures, like purples and blacks. Utilizing both artificial and natural baits will tell you how they react based on the conditions of the ocean.

• Use fluorocarbon and low visibility lines and leader. Tuna have great eyesight because of their big eyes.

• Keep your hooks sharp.

• Stay quiet when fishing or approaching an area you’re about to fish. Loud noises will scare them away. Nothing worse than having to start over.

• Kill the tuna once you land them using a club. Sounds cruel, but it will keep the meat fresher and it is safer when you de-hook them.

• The favorite method is cooking them on the grill. Cut one inch steaks, marinate them in your favorite sauce and seasonings. Make sure the grill is hot and sear them on each side. Serve and enjoy.

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