Big Game Fishing Rod Brands and Products

Some of the Best Off Shore and Surf Fishing Rods money can buy.

Berkley Big Game Fishing Rods - Berkley’s foundation and principles lay within their passion and commitment to the sport of fishing.

Daiwa Big Game Fishing Rods - Mostly known for their Reels, they are a japanese brand that is very popular in the UK for large game.

Lamiglas Big Game Fishing Rods - Well known crafters of the trade in manufacturing fishing rods.  They spend a lot of time in the research and testing of every rod that is made.

G Looms Big Game Fishing Rods - Fear no fish.  If you want to catch big fish, try a G Loomis rod.  Unlike short powerful rods for catching bass, these saltwater rods are long and leek.

Offshore Angler Big Game Fishing Rods - Manufactured under the Bass Pro name which gives them a reputable status.  They also produce a catalog titled "Offshore Angler" – Worldwide Sportsman the Saltwater Specialist.

Penn Big Game Fishing Rods - Known as the Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company.  Established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1932 – hence the name Penn.  One of the most widely used rod and reels among anglers.

Seeker Big Game Fishing Rods - A small company out of California with a history of catching big ones.  Rods are American made with quality manufacturing and have a guaranteed warranty made specifically for surf and saltwater fishing.

Shakespeare Big Game Fishing Rods - Can be found in almost every anglers tackle box.  Proud makers of the Ugly Stik and childrens line of fishing rods that include Barbie.  Inventors of the wind wheel fishing reels. 

Shimano Big Game Fishing Rods - You can expect to get a lot of your high-end fishing rod if you buy Shimano as rated by Field and Stream magazine.

St Croix Big GameFishing Rods - If you want to catch 50” of fish, head over to Park Falls, Wisconsin and visit StCroix for some monster Musky.

Tsunami Big Game Fishing Rods - Tsunami is built for trophy fish by Bimini Bay Outfitters out of Mahwah, New Jersey. The company is proud producers of Jarvis Walker reels, Marathon jigs and tackle, Apache fly rods and Ande rods for sport fishing and tournaments.